Robert Duvall Shares Stories From His Youth

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Robert Duvall has been a household name since his film debut in 1962's To Kill A Mockingbird. Since then, the actor has done everything from drama to comedy. Now that he's in his 80s, he's starting to share some humorous anecdotes from his youth.

On The Today Show, Duvall recounted a time when he tried to stick some gum to a desk during class. Instead, the gum ended up in the hair of a girl in front of him. Unfortunately, he doesn't elaborate beyond saying that the gum didn't show up at school the next day. He assumes that somebody cut it out.

Things became a little more interesting as he grew up. He tells The Huffington Post that he was roommates with Dustin Hoffman as a young man. The two were your usual young men trying to get women and Duvall came up with the worst pick up line in history - "Come up to our apartment and see our new linoleum we put on the floor." He says it was the "stupidest, dumbest line in history." Most would have to agree as new linoleum is hardly an enticing proposition.

So, why is Duvall in the news again suddenly? The aging actor stars in the new film A Night In Old Mexico. The film has him starring in the role of "Grandfather," an old rancher who has to sell off his ranch and live in a retirement community. Instead of resigning himself to his fate, he instead travels to Mexico and gets involved in a rather nasty series of events. You can think of it as The Hangover, but as a drama.

Here's the trailer for the film:

We can only hope that Duvall shares more interesting stories from his youth in the days to come. For an actor with a penchant for storytelling, he must have a lot of fascinating stories to tell.

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