Rob Kardashian Sued For Assault, Stealing Photos

Amanda CrumLife

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Rob Kardashian is usually the family member we hear the least about; it must be difficult living in the shadow of your uber-famous sisters. But now, he's in the spotlight, and for a reason he'd rather not be.

Photographer Andra Vaik says she snapped some shirtless photos of Rob and he became angry and grabbed her camera, stealing the memory card from it. Rob says he was incensed because Vaik was trespassing on private property when she took the pics, and that he didn't want them getting out because they were taken at a time when he was trying to lose weight. He claims he offered to pay for a replacement memory card, but Vaik is having none of it. She's suing him for robbery and assault, and while it's not clear what her terms are, her lawyer made a statement regarding the incident.

"While this case is still in the preliminary stage, it is clear from our investigation that Robert Kardashian’s violent behavior and his use of force towards Ms. Viak was completely unjustified.”

Meanwhile, other members of the Kardashian family are battling their own dramas; Kim, who is pregnant with Kanye West's baby, is still dealing with a nasty divorce from baller Kris Humphries, and Khloe just got canned from "The X-Factor". Looks like their reality show will have no shortage of fodder anytime soon.

Amanda Crum
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