RIM Trims the Fat with Substantial Job Cuts as they Struggle to Stay in Business

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Research in Motion (RIM) has been struggling for awhile, and has definitely lost its foothold in the marketplace giving way to increasingly popular iOS and Android devices.

While their BlackBerry line was once considered an enterprise communication standard, they are now struggling just to stay in business.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday, that RIM has already been proactive in cutting their workforce in order to reduce costs and make way for a much need reorganization of operations.

The cuts are being made in the quality controls department, parts, and operations. According to inside sources, the layoffs have been taking place in batches of up to ten employees at a time. RIM also saw the resignation of many top executives in early April, just after they announced a less than stellar quarterly earnings report.

The latest job cuts come after reducing their workforce by over 2000 people just before the beginning of 2012. In March, they still employed over 16,000 people, but it is unclear where that number stands after this last round of layoffs.

Despite the challenges the company faces, they insist they are not abandoning the consumer market, and they plan to introduce a newly redesigned BlackBerry by the end of this year.

So, while the fate of BlackBerry and RIM hangs in the balance, they continue to struggle and lose employees left and right. Hopefully we'll see something come out of these job cuts and RIM will emerge as a leaner, meaner business machine.

There's definitely room for more competition on the smartphone and device marketplace, but the question is, does RIM have what it takes to deliver where others can't? We'll keep you updated as RIM struggles to reorganize and reduce their overhead.

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