Rihanna Nearly Went Bankrupt in 2009

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Here are a few things that most people probably assume about pop stars: One, they all love the limelight and naturally crave all sorts of attention. Two, they have all the confidence in the world and hardly feel inferior, and three, their finances are always intact and they rarely worry about money.

And while many people believe these things about pop stars, some know better, because a good number of them say they hate the limelight and had to adjust to fame, and others said they only have a little bit of confidence and had to build up more.

And when it comes to finances, some pop stars say it's hard to hold on to the money they're making, which is what happened to the singer Rihanna when she almost lost her entire fortune a few years ago.

According to TMZ, the 25-year old was missing $9 million in 2009 after her former accountant mismanaged her funds.

In court documents obtained by the celebrity gossip site, Rihanna claims she had a sum of $11 million dollars at the start of 2009, but by year's end, she only had $2 million left, with nothing to show for all that money being spent.

So the "Umbrella" singer is suing the Berdon LLP accounting firm for not only showing a level of incompetency with her money, but for also failing to let her know that her 2009 tour was losing money.

However, Berdon emphatically denies the claims and says Rihanna was completely in the know about her tour losing funds, and she even read and signed off on documents that showed how much money she was making.

The firm also claims the $9 million that was spent in 2009 was due to Rihanna's frivolous spending habits, and the blame should fall squarely on her shoulders and not theirs.

However, the good news for the singer is that she's no longer losing money and has become even more famous in the last five years, as her career couldn't be any hotter at the moment. According toTMZ, she's currently worth about $43 million.

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