Rihanna, Chris Brown Break Up, Again


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It appears that R&B stars Rihanna's and Chris Brown's on again, off again relationship is off. Again.

According to an E! news report, Rihanna has moved on from the relationship to pursue her career intrests. According to TMZ, Chris Brown has moved onto wooing an L.A. waitress, though the woman denies getting between Brown and Rihanna.

The relationship woes between Brown and Rihanna date back to 2009, when Brown was arrested and convicted of beating Rihanna. Pictures of Rihanna's battered face turned Brown's public perception negative - a backlash that still hasn't fully subsided. Despite being the butt of sharp jokes since the incident, the singer has continued his career and recently appeared on the Today Show to promote a new music video. During the appearance, Brown admitted that beating Rihanna "was totally wrong."

Rihanna is currently touring throughout the U.S., having recently gotten over a show-stopping bout of Laryngitis in Boston. The singer will also be making a cameo in the summer comedy This is the End, in which she smacks a drunk Michael Cera for touching her ass.