Ridgecrest Shooting Suspect Knew Victims

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Sergio Munoz, 39, the Ridgecrest shooting suspect who led police on a car chase through the Mojave desert, reportedly warned police that he wanted to "wreak havok" before the shootings even took place.

According to AP, the incident began when Ridgecrest police were called to a murder scene shortly after 5 am on Friday. A woman was found dead and a man was injured by multiple gunshot wounds.

Shortly after, Sergio Munoz allegedly called a Ridgecrest police officer’s cellphone and threatened them, saying he wanted to come to the police station and “kill all the officers but they had too many guns.”, according to a statement made by Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood at a press conference. Munoz also warned police he had a “package” for them, which was probably in reference to the people trapped in his trunk. He also stated his desire to “wreak havoc” on the city.

Then, about two hours later, a deputy spotted Munoz's car and hour-long the chase ensued. He ran traffic off the road, firing at least 10 times at passing vehicles with a shotgun and a handgun. No motorists were hurt, Youngblood said. As he was being chased through the desert, his trunk popped open. The open trunk revealed a man and woman. Police now say they believe that Munoz knew the victims that he drove around in his trunk.

Munoz repeatedly shot at police as the chase continued, but when he pulled over and began to shoot into the trunk space, police shot and killed him. He, not surprisingly, had a criminal history going back to at least 1999. Munoz had previously been charged 21 times with various crimes including drug possession for sale, child endangerment, receiving stolen property, domestic violence, and possessing ammunition as a felon. He served two years in jail for the stolen property.

Police have yet to release a motive, but when they do, it will be announced. They did say that he had lost his job, and his life was falling apart, however, sometimes, there's just no motive for psychopath.

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