Rick Perry Gets The Stephen Colbert Endorsement

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Rick Perry hasn't even officially declared himself a candidate for President, but he already has the support of a very prestigious American - Stephen Colbert

Ok, Rick Perry might not have his support, but Rick Parry sure does. Yes, that is "Parry" with an "A," for America.

A new video was released today on the Colbert Super PAC website. If you haven't been following Stephen Colbert and his political action committee, here's the short version: The Federal Elections Committee, in a 5 to 1 vote, granted Colbert the right to form the Super PAC which is different from a regular PAC. He has the right to raise unlimited contributions to throw behind any candidate he chooses. For more, a wiki has already been created about Colbert's project.

The new "ad" revels in all the cheesy things that make a great campaign ad great - voiceovers, dramatic music, images of families, American flags, slow motion. It's all there.

He asks Iowa straw poll voters to write in the candidate Rick Parry on August 13th. The real Rick Perry can't be too thrilled with this.

"Outside groups like Jobs For Iowa Super PAC are trying to pander to Iowans with pro-Perry ads featuring cheap corn-ography - that your kids could see."

This is Colbert Super PAC's second campaign video. The first was released on Wednesday. Check it out below -

Everyone the comes on the Colbert Report is said to receive the "Colbert Bump," a jump is popularity following the appearance. Could this have the opposite effect for Texas Governor Rick Perry?

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