Richard Engel Missing: Twitter Reacts To NBC Blackout

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NBC News foreign correspondent Richard Engel has gone missing while on assignment in Syria, along with a Turkish journalist who was working with him, and NBC has reportedly issued a media blackout regarding coverage of the news. However, several media outlets are reporting on it anyway now that it has gone viral on social media sites like Twitter, and some wonder if having so many major news sources report the story will put the men in danger.

Engel and fellow journalist Aziz Akyava? were last seen on Thursday, according to Turkish newspaper Hurriyet. Twitter users are following up their wishes for the journalists' safe return with questions of why the media blackout was issued in the first place, but NBC has yet to issue a statement.

Ominously, one of the last things Engel posted on Twitter was a relay of events around him; his last post was on December 6th, about the Egyptian pound vs. the American dollar.

Amanda Crum
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