Rich Kids of Instagram: Here's What X-Pro II Does to a Bottle of Cristal

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"They have more money than you and this is what they do."

Call them lucky, call them crazy, call them douchebag showoffs who parade their fortune around like they earned it but obviously lack even the talent to make a filtered photo look decent. Or simply call them the Rich Kids of Instagram.

The wide world of Tumblr blogs has given us RKOI, which takes us through the lives of young people living large - without a doubt on their parents' dollar. These socialites have time, money, and smartphones. Thank God, because without their Instagram app, we would never know what sepia does to the interior of a private jet or a bottle of Cristal.

Here are some of my favorite rich kid brags from the blog:

Love my new ride!!!

Suite bosses

#hamptons #saveme

no title

Funny, right? Rich kids are such a-holes, right? Right. But before you get too giddy over there, please remember that everything that you do on Instagram is just as, if not more annoying than this.

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