Rice Recall: Mars, Inc. Recalls Uncle Ben's Infused Rice Products


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The massive rice recall may leave grocery shelves bare of Uncle Ben's rice products for quite some time.

Government officials are currently investigating a number of illnesses that have been directly associated with the brand's infused rice products.

Mars, Inc. has voluntarily recalled the infused flavored rice products "out of an abundance of caution" after being notified of illnesses that occurred at three different schools in the Houston, TX area.

At the time, the dominant complaints were "allergic-like symptoms of mild flushing and rash." The incident resulted in the company removing all infused rice products from its supply chain.

"Our network of distributors, brokers, and sales associates immediately started notifying their customers and collecting the product," Mars Foodservices said.

Once the massive food processing company noticed that "a limited number" of sales were completed through websites and wholesalers, the executive decision to announce a massive recall was enforced.(image)

"Therefore, we initiated the voluntary recall to ensure that anyone in possession of the product is aware that it should not be served or eaten, but returned to where it was purchased," Mars Foodservices said.

However, the problem garnered national attention when health officials also reiterated the recall on Friday, Feb. 7 after students and faculty members became ill at a school in Katy, TX.

The El Paso Times featured a report issued by The Associated Press that revealed students developed specified, allergy-like symptoms such as burning, itching, rashes, headaches and nausea. Although the symptoms passed after approximately two hours, health officials are dedicated to uncovering the direct cause of the problem.(image)

According to the Food and Drug Administration, a possible overdose of an essential vitamin may be the cause of the mysterious allergy-like symptoms linked to the Uncle Ben's infused rice products. However, the information has not been confirmed as of yet.

The Recall Product List Includes:

- Uncle Ben's Infused Rice Roasted Chicken Flavor (5- and 25-pound bags)

- Uncle Ben's Infused Rice Garlic and Butter Flavor (5-pound bags)

- Uncle Ben's Infused Rice Mexican Flavor (5- and 25-pound bags)

- Uncle Ben's Infused Rice Pilaf (5-pound bags)

- Uncle Ben's Infused Rice Saffron Flavor (5-pound bags)

- Uncle Ben's Infused Rice Cheese Flavor (5-pound bags)

- Uncle Ben's Infused Rice Spanish Flavor (25-pound bags)

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