Ri Sol-Ju and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Are Now Husband and Wife

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Ri Sol-ju, a North Korean singer, has been identified as the "mysterious woman in black" spotted next to Kim Jong-Un. At the time, rumors regarding the lady's identify were all over the proverbial map. Some believed her to be Kim's sister, while others speculated that she could be his wife or lover. However, since North Korean leaders are rarely seen in public with their spouses, that particular theory didn't seem to hold up very well. So much for speculation.

According to the Associated Press, Kim Jong-Un and Ri Sol-Ju have apparently tied the knot, though no one seems to know any specific details about their marriage. The only thing known for sure is that the two are now husband and wife, a fact which comes straight from the country's state media. Broadcaster KCNA reportedly made the announcement on Wednesday.

In order to prove to the world that the two are now officially a couple, footage of Kim Jong-Un and Ri Sol-Ju having a laugh during a recent performance of western show tunes has been making the rounds. Also in attendance at said event: Mickey Mouse. Apparently his love and adoration for Disney characters isn't going to end now that he's found someone to share his bed.

Experts feel the public disclosure of the Dear Leader's marriage is another step taken by Jong-Un to move the country away the days of his father. In addition to allowing more women to wear pants and earrings, mobile phones have also been become widely available. Bans on such foods as pizza, French fries, and hamburgers have recently been lifted, as well.

Outside of these sketchy details, not much is known about the union, including when or where they made their relationship official. If you're curious to see some footage of Ri Sol-Ju performing in public, have a look at the videos embedded below.

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