Rhea Pearlman, Danny Devito Shock Fans And Friends

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When a Hollywood couple makes it past the twenty year mark, you assume they'll be together forever. Sadly, that's not the case for Rhea Pearlman and Danny Devito, who are ending their 30-year marriage.

The couple met in 1970 but didn't marry until 1982, choosing instead to live together for a while. They have had several successful and memorable partnerships since then--including forming their own production company, which is responsible for such films as "Pulp Fiction" and "Erin Brockovich"--and have three grown children.

Pearlman and Devito have starred in several projects together, proving that a marriage doesn't negate a working relationship. Playing a real-life couple in "Matilda"--which Devito also directed--seemed to come easily to them, despite the fact that the characters were deeply unlikeable. They also shared the small screen on the '70s television show "Taxi".

When asked to describe one another in the past, Pearlman has said Devito was fun and sexy when they met, which immediately attracted her. He said "She was vibrant, with a great sense of humor, and real warm." As of right now, no reason has been publicly given for the split; clearly, fans are taking it hard.


Amanda Crum
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