Results of 2016 LinkedIn Job Fulfillment Survey

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LinkedIn surveyed over 1,000 US professionals to determine their level of job satisfaction and found some interesting results. Apparently, Charlotte has the most satisfied white collar workers with 65% of them feeling fulfilled at work.


Charlotte is followed in the most satisfied list by Boston, Indianapolis, New York City and Denver.

Career Fulfillment

Chefs apparently are the most fulfilled professionals, with 84% saying so in the survey:

  1. Chef - 84% fulfilled
  2. Real Estate Agent - 75% fulfilled
  3. Doctor - 68% fulfilled
  4. IT Consultant & Support - 59% fulfilled
  5. Architect - 58% fulfilled
Fulfillment Factors

Not surprisingly, a persons salary ranks as the number one factor in job satisfaction:

  1. Salary
  2. Positive relationships with colleagues
  3. Doing work that has a positive impact
  4. Work-life balance
  5. Feeling challenged at work

The survey also looked at age ranges and didn't find much of a difference in fulfillment between age groups. Interestingly, young people age 16 - 24 were the most fulfilled (58%). Perhaps that's because the full brunt of life and all of its bills hasn't caught up with many of those in this group just yet.

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