Reservoir Birds Channels Tarantino, Angry Birds

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Here's some Friday fun for you, the readers: The popularity of the award-winning game/application "Angry Birds" is undeniable. It's already considered the best iPhone game for 2011 by one publication; meanwhile, the year has eight more months to go before it's over. That's a pretty good indication of just how wildly popular "Angry Birds" is.

While the biggest news surrounding "Angry Birds" has to do with the new version that's based on the Rio movie -- although, the recent Appy award recognition was impressive as well -- perhaps the most unique uses of the "Angry Birds" concept comes from the "Reservoir Birds" drawing, courtesy of artist Lee Crutchley.

Crutchley's work mashes the world of Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs with the ever-popular birds/projectiles. The results are pretty impressive:

Reservoir Birds

In case you aren't familiar with the movie being referenced, here's the poster "Reservoir Birds" is based on:

Reservoir Dogs
Image courtesy of

For those of you who are wondering whether or not to update to the Rio version of "Angry Birds," perhaps a snippet from's review may help your decision:

Angry Birds Rio is a solid follow up and a very nice surprise considering what we initially thought we were walking into. If you like the original and have been aching for more birds to fling and more ways to use them, Rio edition is the perfect way to do so. The one surprise is that the game appears to be episodic, which is good because it means we’ll get more content to extend the approximate shelf life of 3 hours. Of course maybe you’re not a fan of buying a game in parts though?

Whatever the case, the fact that artists like Lee Crutchley continue to bring an alternate, humorous approach to these trendy technological subjects makes covering this particular sector even more enjoyable.

Hat-tip to Laughing Squid for the find.

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