Republican Party Attempts to Talk Money Instead of Obamacare

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The government shutdown has been in the headlines ever since its start, and the ridiculousness that is the Republican party has wasted no time in making even more of a scene out of the whole ordeal. The Republican representatives have made no small show of their outrage over the Affordable Care Act, or, as they have so infamously dubbed it, "Obamacare." Most of the raging temper tantrum the party has thrown has been blamed on the act, bringing vast amounts of misinformation, misplaced anger, and confusion on to the public as parks, public resources, and thousands of jobs were shut down because Republicans didn't take kindly to the idea of readily available health care.

It seems, however, like the Republican party is trying to change up its game plan mid-game. Perhaps in light of the 8 million American citizens who submitted their applications for the Affordable Care Act, they have decided that criticizing an act that a majority of people seem to like and wish to take part of might not be the best course of action. What, then, is left for the Republican party to turn to? why, the tied and true, of course! Time to focus on the economy!

The party has turned to expressing interest in reigning in debt deficits, straying carefully away from such harsh focus on the evils of "Obamacare." According to Yahoo, Paul Ryan, a prominent House Republican and chairman of the House Budget Committee, "proposed that Republicans and Democrats work out a plan to curb costly entitlement programs and overhaul the tax code as part of negotiations to end the U.S. government shutdown and raise the country's borrowing limit." There has also been talk of raising the debt ceiling, which president Obama has stated he would be willing to consider.

Perhaps this shift of focus towards financial topics, rather than temper tantrums over "Obamacare," indicates that the shutdown's end is close in sight. Only time will tell if a focus on financials means anything more when it comes to putting an end to this shutdown; let's all just hope that it doesn't last too much longer.

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