Report: Yahoo Media VP To Quit

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Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance are two of Yahoo's most successful and therefore important properties.  Unfortunately for the company, new reports indicate that the executive who's in charge of them will soon find employment elsewhere.

Jimmy Pitaro, who currently holds the title "Vice President of Media," started at Yahoo about four years ago as Vice President of Business Affairs.  Since then, he's also been General Manager of Yahoo Sports and Head of Sports and Entertainment.

That quick rise speaks to an ability to accomplish a lot in a short period of time.  He's surely an exec Yahoo would like to keep around.

YahooBut Kara Swisher wrote this afternoon, "[A]ccording to several sources with knowledge of the situation, Yahoo's VP of Media, Jimmy Pitaro, is expected to be leaving the company soon."

And Staci D. Kramer soon confirmed the news with a (presumably) different anonymous source.

The small silver lining is that this might allow Yahoo to bring in someone with more experience, at least.

Plus, investors haven't lost confidence, sending Yahoo's stock up (by 0.78 percent) instead of down today.

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