REO BlackBerry Is Going To Keep On Loving Developers

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RIM isn't doing so hot with BlackBerry. BlackBerry 10 has some great new features, but most of them have already been seen on other platforms before. We don't know which direction the market will turn next year, but things are not looking good for BlackBerry 10. Even so, the folks at RIM want you to know that they're going to keep on loving you.

Three RIM employees - Alec Saunders, Chris Smith and Martyn Mallick - have formed a band to craft a love ballad. It may feature the tune and general sentiment of REO Speedwagon's 1981 hit "Keep On Loving You," but the love in this case is being directed right at developers. Check it out:

Th Foo Fighters being corporate shills for Apple earlier this month was bad, but I would take them over REO BlackBerry any day. In their defense, rewriting a classic ballad to express love towards developers is witty. Unfortunately, being witty won't get RIM anywhere near the top.

Beyond the cringe worthy promo, RIM is onto something here. They wouldn't be anywhere without their developers. They're going to need that developer support more than ever as they move to launch BlackBerry 10 early next year. If anything, the comments on YouTube indicate that BlackBerry fans are just as crazy devoted as iOS fans. RIM may just get through this yet.