Renee Zellweger Walks First Red Carpet in Months

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Renee Zellweger walked the red carpet at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco on Monday--the first event she has appeared at in four months. The event was a fundraiser supporting 'The Painted Turtle,' a camp cofounded by Paul Newman for kids with life threatening or chronic illnesses. The last time Zellweger walked a red carpet was back in November when she appeared at the Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story screening in Burbank.

Despite her lack of public appearances, Renee was stunning at "A Starry Evening of Music, Comedy & Surprises" in her little black dress. She wore just enough makeup to enhance her pretty features, and fashioned her hair in a very becoming and ever popular messy updo. Zelwegger posed with several other celebrities throughout the evening, including Kathy Griffin and Glee star Amber Riley. Riley was definitely very excited to have spent a few moments chatting with the actress.

Great4Hair saw the messy updo and touted Renee Zelwegger as one who sports it best.

One of Hollywood's highest paid actresses just a few years ago, Renee Zelwegger hasn't made a film since 2010 when she starred in My Own Love Song. In 2013 she co-created and executive produced a drama called Cinnamon Girl. It was all about the music and movies produced in the 1960s and the 1970s. Unfortunately Lifetime passed on her pilot.

Although set to reprise her Bridget Jones's Diary role, the Jerry Maguire star might not be seen on the big screen in a while.

"I wouldn't say that it's completely dead in the water," Zelwegger's Bridget Jones costar Colin Firth said during a 2013 interview, "but the way it's going, you might be seeing Bridget Jones' granddaughter's story being told by the time we get there."

That's rather surprising to hear, given the popularity of the 2001 romantic comedy.

Has Renee Zelwegger lost her touch or is she simply exercising other talents for the time being? Surely the gorgeous 44-year-old isn't done with Hollywood yet. And since she has made enough mula to no doubt live very nicely for a long, long time, perhaps she is simply biding her time until something scintillating in the script world catches her eye.

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