Rejected Twitter User Sues the Object of His Affection

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All of us handle rejection differently. Some people swallow it whole and immediately purge it from their systems. Others, I'm afraid, take things a little too personally. Far be it for me to tell someone how to live their life, but sometimes it's best to just leave well enough alone, particularly if you're interested in saving face. Friendly advice, that's all.

A Japanese Twitter user has decided to take voluptuous actress Aoi Sola -- best known from the movies "Big Tits Zombie" and "Revenge: A Love Story" -- to court because she continuously refused to acknowledge his existence on the popular blogging website. Despite his best efforts, Sola would not respond to his numerous requests and advances, leading everyone on the planet to believe that the guy simply has too much free time on his hands.

According to The Tokyo Reporter, the user in question, a 40-something who claims to work in education, was reaching out to the well-endowed starlet to ask her about the controversy surrounding the banning of her work in China. After repeated attempts at contact, the angry Twitter user decided it was high time to take his case to court. I'm sure you can guess how this particular lawsuit will turn out.

This isn't the first time the gentleman has attempted to befriend Japanese celebrities. In fact, he has a storied history of bugging famous folks for responses to his inquiries. "Through research, it was discovered that he had been making similar requests to Toru Hashimoto, Michiko Shimizu, and other celebrities, and was also being disregarded," a writer told the website.

Since my ability to comprehend Japanese is non-existent, reading the actress' Twitter page is, at present, entirely impossible, so I'm not sure how she's responded to the lawsuit. Assuming, of course, that she has at all. And for the record: "Revenge: A Love Story" is a fantastic, albeit brutal, motion picture experience. "Big Tits Zombie" you can probalby live without.

Here's hoping he doesn't sue me for saying as much.

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