Reggie Miller's Niece Found Safe


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Reggie Miller's niece went missing from her home early Tuesday morning, prompting the former NBA star and TV analyst to ask the public for help in locating her.

Police and members of the girl's family searched for the teen for hours and investigators could not find any signs of foul play in the girls room or elsewhere in the home. They believed that she had simply ran away or at least left on her own free will.

"There was absolutely no evidence or any signs or evidence to lead us to believe this was anything other than a teenage runaway," Orange County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. John Roche told ABC news.

Police did receive a tip that suggested the teen might have been picked up by a car a block away from her home. Police even used dogs to help them search for the girl.

Reggie took to Twitter to ask for help and to share photos of the girl and information about her. He later removed the tweets and posted a new one saying that his niece had made it home safely. He also thanked everyone for their help and concern.

Reggie did not say how his niece got home or offer any other details about her return, but since she was believed to have left on her own, it is likely that she returned home after learning of the investigation.

Early in the investigation police said, "There are some indicators that lead us to believe she had actually set up her room in a manner that would fool someone to believe she was still there."

They assumed she would return and said that it appeared that she only planned to be gone for a short time.