Reggie Bush Injured Before Game Starts, Slips In Snow

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Well, if anyone just watched the game between the Lions and the Eagles while wondering why Reggie Bush did not make an appearance on the field, it is because he sustained an injury before the game started. The veteran running back slipped in the snow, aggravating his calf, and prevented him from playing during the game.

Reggie Bush, the running back for the Detroit Lions, was forced out of the game before it even started in a very unlikely injury. The game continued to take a toll on both teams throughout, but especially the Lions, who had trouble running the ball.

Bush was injured during the pre-game warm-ups, and possibly re-aggravated an existing calf injury. He has played in 11 games this season, and the Lions are only 1-4 when Bush is not able to touch the ball more than 20 times.

That record turned to 1-5 after their disappointing loss today, and gave the Lions a record of 7-6 on the season. The game was important for both the Lions and the Eagles, and the Eagles made a big statement with the win.

It is hard to know how much better the Lions would have done if Bush would have been in the game, but they were not able to get much of anything on the ground during the game. Joique Bell and Reggie Bush typically share the responsibilities of running, but with Bush out, it was up to Bell to do it on his own. As a result, the rushing attack from the Lions was lackluster, and Bell only ran for 69 yards in the game.

Despite Reggie Bush's attitude and positive outlook going into the game, he was not able to play due to what happened before the game. Earlier in the week, he welcome the snow filled conditions, saying "I actually welcome it. I love playing in the bad weather conditions because I feel like it’s an advantage for the running backs."

In order to get a feel for just how messy the game was, look no further than this graphic.


Both teams were playing through a complete snowstorm, finding it impossible to score in the first quarter, and a halftime score of 8-0. However, things started to heat up in the second half as the final score ended in favor of the Eagles, 34-20.

The teams battled back and forth for much of the game before the Eagles were able to take over in the 4th quarter, securing their 8th win of the season.

With Reggie Bush out due to his pre-game injury, the Lions were unable to do much in the running game, and lost in a disappointing way to the Eagles in Philadelphia.

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