Reese Witherspoon Inspires Snide Comment In Arrest


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Reese Witherspoon, actress and mom of three, famously asked cops, “Do you know my name?” when being arrested with husband Jim Toth for D.U.I. this past April; now it looks like she may have inspired another famous blonde to name-drop during an arrest. And just like Reese’s run-in with the law, this young girl didn’t make too many friends with her snotty attitude, either.

Alan Jackson, country singer and father to 20-year-old Alexandra, got a none-too-friendly call from police in Nashville this weekend after his underage daughter apparently mouthed-off and became physical with a police officer after she and her friends were pulled over in a Nashville traffic stop.

Jackson was riding passenger in a Range Rover when the vehicle was pulled over on Wednesday night. Reports say that despite officers’ demand to stay in the car, Jackson got out of the SUV, highly intoxicated, and said that she was upset over the stop. She then hit an officer in the chest before being arrested.

During booking, Jackson told the police that her dad would do “anything she wanted him to” in order to free her from being arrested.

Like Jackson, the younger woman’s disorderly conduct predecessor refused to remain in the vehicle, despite official’s warnings, and demanding that she was civically allowed to get out of the car, saying she was a “U.S. citizen,” and thus, “allowed to stand on American ground.”

Alexandra Jackson was released from police custody around 5:00 Wednesday morning on $35,000 bond, with a September 23 court date.

Main Article Image Courtesy Tony Shek on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.