Redditors Wonder If This Is A Dead Body On Google Street View

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Someone submitted a Google Maps link to reddit, which shows a person face down on the ground on the side of the road. The image is from Table Bay Boulevard, Cape Town in South Africa.

Here's the link.

Dead body on street view?

The reddit submission comes under the title "a dead body on Google street view (Cape Town)". It has not been confirmed that it's a dead body.

One redditor coments, "Probably just drunk and sleeping, not dead."

Another suggests, "Or a homeless person?"

One, who claims to be a South African, who has lived in Cape Town, says, "People sleeping on the side of the road is a common sight in S.A."

Another adds, "This is Table Bay Boulevard, a pretty busy road, no ways a dead body is going to be laying there for very long, especially not on a nice sunny day."

Others in the thread still think it might be a dead body.

You wouldn't immediately think Google would include an image of a dead body in its Street View imagery, but it actually wouldn't be the first time it has happened. Here's an article from 2010 reporting that Google was showing dead bodies on Street View in Brazil. On the other hand, another image thought to be a dead body turned out to just be a girl playing a prank.

Update: Apparently there was this too.

Blogger Greta Franzini shared a Street View image last may that may or may not have been another body.

It's not as though Street View does not capture questionable images. See last week's story about the imagery of a couple having sex on the side of the road.

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