Reddit For Google Glass Is Now Ready To Assault Your Eyeball With Cat Pictures

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Google Glass seems like it was built for Reddit. Google's wearable computers are perfect for capturing the spontaneous moments in life, and then sharing those moments with the fine folks of Reddit.

Members of the Google Glass Explorers program can now start bragging about having glass on Reddit thanks to the tireless work of Malcolm Nguyen. His app, Reddit Timeline, brings pretty much all the capabilities of Reddit to Google Glass. Here's what Glass users can expect from the app:

  • Top 25 post from your FrontPage within a bundle updated every hour.
  • Upvote/Downvote
  • Share to Reddit
  • Comment Threading
  • Read aloud comments
  • Reply to comment
  • By using the touchpad on Glass, users will be able to swipe through the top posts. From there, they can upvote and downvote content. Accompanying text is overlaid on images in an easily readable font.

    Consumers aren't going to get Google Glass for a while still, but it's pretty much a given that a Reddit app will be incredibly popular once it does launch to the public. Nguyen is just getting a headstart on the competition.

    [h/t: Living Thru Glass]

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