Reddit Down for Some Users, Blames "Network-Related Issue"

Josh WolfordIT Management

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UPDATE: It appears that a problem with Amazon Web Services EC2 in Northern Virginia. You can check out AWS' Service Health Dashboard here.

Those of you looking to browse reddit right now may be out of luck. That's because the site is down, and has been for at least a couple of hours.

According to Reddit Status on Twitter, the site began having problems around noon ET, and those problems expanded to taking down the whole site a little past 1:30 pm. Reddit says a "network-related issue" is to blame.

What's bad news for reddit and redditors is good news for a couple of other sites. The "reddit is down" page includes a couple of suggestions for people while the site is down. At the bottom right-hand corner there's a link to imgur and the scrolling message asks users if they happened to see today's XKCD comic yet.

It also tells you just how impatient you are, by noting how many times you've refreshed. Thanks, reddit, but we already know how lost we are without you.

Josh Wolford
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