Redbox Instant's Early Streaming Selection Doesn't Hold Up to Netflix

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It's a given that streaming services aren't very good when they begin. Netflix's Watch Instantly service was filled with obscure programming for at least a year before deals were made to provide subscribers with decent content. So, it's no surprise that Verizon's Redbox Instant doesn't yet have the exclusives that would set it apart from other, more established video streaming services.

An analyst with BTIG today released a comparison of Redbox Instant to other popular streaming services, and the outlook isn't pretty. Of the "first 50" titles Redbox Instant will have streaming at launch, 40 of them can also be found on Netflix. The remaining 10 aren't the type of movies that will sell the service to customers, at least not the ones that have the money to pay for a streaming video service. Many of the exclusives consist of concert flicks such as Taylor Swift: Just For You, Biebermania, and Lady Gaga: One Sequin at a Time. Killjoy 3 is also included, for fans of obscure horror.

That isn't to say Redbox Instant will be devoid of popular movies. Thor, Rango, and the latest Transformers movie can be found on the service. It's just that they can also be found streaming through Netflix, Amazon, and Epix.

So, Redbox Instant will be off to the slow start that other video streaming services. However, it's a necessary step for Redbox, as even their breakthrough kiosk business will eventually become outdated as physical media formats become obsolete. With this in mind, Redbox Instant's offers of bundled-in kiosk DVD rentals could help the service build a solid base of customers in the short-term.

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