Rebecca Romijn: Will the Beautiful Blonde Get Pregnant Again?


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Rebecca Romijn has been making a lot of news lately. First, the beautiful blonde's TNT drama series “King and Maxwell” got canceled after just one season, despite her luscious charm. And then she used her feminine assets in a spoofy, hoaxy, so so humorous way to raise breast cancer awareness.

Of course, once you look at Rebecca in all her womanly glory, the operative word "breast" overwhelms any "awareness" of cancer or the surrounding universe.

As ardent fans, we all know how much Romijn loves her beautiful daughters. It took decades for this lovely Nordic diva to find the right man so she could start a family and enjoy the blessings of being a suburban mom.

Her first love, Sean Kelly, a New England TV correspondent, did not give her the joys of pregnancy, despite the fact that they were lovers for almost 7 years. And then there was John Stamos, the actor she ended up marrying in 1998, who did not rise to the occasion to fulfill Romijn's baby cravings.

After almost 6 years of union, their love fell apart and Rebecca was ready for another relationship. Finally, in Jerry O'Connell she found the man who would father her children. The hyper-radiant beauty welcomed twin daughters Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip, three days after Christmas in 2008, at the age of 35.

Needless to say, the daughters have inherited their mom's beautiful DNA, but eager fans might be wondering, if there aren't more baby Romijns on the cards before Rebecca, who is going to turn 41 in November, says adieu to her fertile years.

"Mom, wife, dogs, cats and chocolate," this is the order in which Rebecca seems to be fulfilling her dreams. And her daughters are doing their part to keep Rebecca hot as ever

Apparently, Rebecca and Jerry differ, at least on twitter, whether home-schooling is a good idea for the little ladies.

But if the golden couple welcome more babies in the near future, their home might as well become the classroom, with mommy Rebecca holding the chalk and the crayons, and the little ones learning their lessons with the same focus as Romijn pursued her memorable modeling and film career.