Rebecca Romijn Offers Her Support

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The ever-sultry Rebecca Romijn has surfaced in an uplifting video offering support for millions of women everywhere. It's not the emotional kind of support.  Nope! It's a bra... made of Rebecca Romijn's hands! Romijn helped to create the video to increase breast cancer awareness. Now that she has certainly been successful at making everyone aware, how in the Hell does this Hand Bra work? Well, basically she just put her hands over her bosoms (and hopefully one day, yours) and that's it! It's quite remarkable. Or not. Even if it isn't, no one gives a damn.

Rebecca puts a comical spin her breast appeal as she stars in a web video for Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's Funny or Die humor site. In the video, Romijn pokes fun of herself and the many times she has used and reused the hands-over-breasts pose for numerous magazines and photo shoots.

As the Hand Bra is made of Rebecca Romijn's hands, it only comes in one size. In the video Romijn removes her hands from her breasts to show viewers the size of the Hand Bra so that potential buyers can determine whether the Hand Bra will fit, AND so you can pretend not to notice Romijn's breasts dangling in the middle of the screen.

The Romijn Hand Bra is especially suitable for women on the go. It is extremely versatile and goes with just about any outfit for any occasion. The video features Romijn taking a brisk jog with her Hand Bra, having a girls' night out with her Hand Bra, and dutifully working with her palms cupped tightly to her breasts.

If you're still not sold after seeing Romijn lead an inspiring day with the Hand Bra, Romijn introduces us to one of the Hand Bra patrons, who eventually admits that it is actually pretty difficult to live life with the Hand Bra. Toward the end of the commerical, Romijn attempts to sneak in a Hand Cup for all you fellas out there. Unfortunately, she changed her mind about marketing this. Sorry, fellas.

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