Reality Bites Turned 20 Years Old Yesterday

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If you're anything like me, you don't think about your age much or how old you're getting.

But sometimes something will sneak up on you and remind you that you're nowhere near the age of 18, like when you notice that all of your favorite sports figures as a kid are now either commentators or coaches, and they all look old.

Or when the media stops talking about the things that your generation was in to, like certain songs or trends, because most times the general public isn't interested in what was hot 15 years ago, they want to know what's hot now, and what the Millennials are in to.

However, every now and then the press will mark a certain anniversary to show how much time has passed and to also give folks a reminder of how old they are, which isn't the best news to hear all the time. It happened recently when everyone started talking about The Dukes of Hazzards turning 35 years old.

And now people are talking about another anniversary for the 90s movie Reality Bites. Believe it or not, it was 20 years ago that many of us saw a young and cool looking Ethan Hawke romance a ridiculously cute Winona Ryder. The film also starred Ben Stiller, Janeane Garofalo, and Steve Zahn.

Unless you don't remember, the movie focuses on a bunch of twenty-somethings all trying to find themselves personally and professionally after college, and they spend much of the film talking about relationships and trying to do things vastly different from their parents' generation.

Initially, the film didn't do so well, only grossing $5.1 million dollars in its opening week. But after a month and a half, it raked in $18.3 million dollars, which far exceed the $11 million it took to make the film.

Ben Stiller, who directed Reality Bites and also played the character Michael Grates, said there's a good chance the film will become a television show, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

"I want to make sure it feels right before we actually go through with it," said Stiller, when he was asked if the TV show is a definite or not.

"But the reason I thought it was worth exploring was I feel like there's sort of a parallel situation happening now, in terms of the economic climate that young people are coming out to, but it's also changed so much in terms of how people communicate and technology and social media, so it really is like looking back into a little bit of a time capsule, even though it's only been twenty years."

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