Real-Life Walter White Tells All

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A man named Walter White sat down with Vice recently to tell them his story, which sounded really familiar: after realizing that working in construction wasn't making ends meet, he started cooking meth. Soon, his product was netting him several thousand dollars a week, so much that he found he didn't have to work his real job at all.

Yes, it's basically the same story we followed breathlessly every week on AMC as Walt and Jesse flouted the law and broke our hearts in equal measure. There are some differences, but White did eventually get busted. Now, he's in a recovery program and has reconnected with his family, but he still faces jail time. He doesn't have the same mentality that the fictional Walter White did, however; owning up to his past is more important than becoming a kingpin.

“If I have to go to prison, I won’t be hurting anybody but myself this time. It’s just me answering up to the things I’ve done," he said.

Watch his interview below.

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