Ray Rice Drags Unconscious Fiance In New Video


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It seems things are getting worse and worse for Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice.

As we reported earlier, Rice was arrested in Atlantic City for assaulting his fiance, who was also arrested because she struck Rice as well. Police say they have a video showing both people being violent towards each other.

In the TMZ obtained video, you can see Rice dragging an unconscious women out of a hotel elevator, as he struggles to get her through the closing doors. Soon after, a person who looks to be a security guard approaches to help, although it's unclear what he and Rice discussed.

From there, the woman appears to regain some consciousness and lifts herself up to her knees, but she's still hardly in any shape to walk on her own. At this time it's unclear if Rice's fiance was unconscious because she had too much to drink or because Rice assaulted her.

Michael Diamondstein, who's Rice's attorney, said although he hasn't viewed the video footage yet, it's important to him and his client that this entire matter be resolved privately and not through the press.

"Neither Ray nor myself will try this case in the media," he said. "However, the video that's being posted by TMZ Sports is not the complete event, but is merely the end result of what transpired."

Additionally, Diamondstein said it's far too early to pass judgement on Rice, and as time moves on, the public will have a full grasp of what actually happened, and until then, they shouldn't convict Rice or have ill feeling towards him.

"We'll assure the public that when this matter is fully tried and completed, you'll have a better understanding of what happened and we ask the public to reserve making any judgment until all of the facts come out."

Image via Wikimedia Commons