Ravens Confetti Snow Angel: Cutest Win Ever

Amanda CrumLife

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There are lots of things we associate with a Super Bowl win; besides the media swarm to the field, there's the Gatorade shower (which Harbaugh somehow avoided this year), the manly chest bumps and head-butts, and of course, "I'm going to Disney World".

But not one of us expected to see a sweet, childlike reaction from Baltimore defensive back Chykie Brown that included making a big snow angel in the layer of confetti covering the field, and he'll likely be remembered for years to come because of it.

The game was full of problems, not the least of which was a thirty-four minute blackout that kept the players warming up on the field and the fans squirming in their seats, anxious to get things moving again. San Francisco, who seemed so strong going in, had a slow and rather rough first half that was painful to watch. But perhaps Beyonce's halftime performance gave them the boost they needed, because when the lights came back on, so did the team. After quickly evening up the score, the 49ers seemed well on their way to making it a close game. However, the Ravens ended up taking the win, much to the delight of their fans...and Brown. Watch his celebratory angel-making below.

Amanda Crum
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