Raven Symone Writes A Letter To Her Critics

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When you are a Hollywood star, you have to expect to be criticized a little. Some stars can handle it and others can’t.

When the criticism gets to be too much, some celebrities shy away from the spotlight and others, like Raven Symone, call out their critics and haters and let them know how their mean and hurtful words really make them feel.

"I don't take offense to those that are mad at my personal opinion of myself. Like before, I'm glad there are conversations happening," she wrote on her Facebook page. "What does irritate me is the bulling tones towards myself and other opinions in the blog. Keep your disrespectful, mean, hurtful, words in a diary for yourself."

"Personal attacking is not needed, and no matter what race, nationality, culture or womb you came out of, strive for respect. Strive to be virtuous, so the conversation can lead to great things, other things," she added.

Raven has been speaking her mind a lot lately and during an interview for the OWN series, Oprah: Where Are They Now, she talked about her dislike of labels.

"I don't want to be labeled ‘gay.' I want to be labeled ‘a human who loves humans," she told Winfrey. "I'm tired of being labeled. I'm an American. I'm not an African American; I'm an American."

Her comments about not being labeled as an African American brought her a lot of criticism and she later explained what she meant to ENews! saying,

"I never said I wasn't black. I want to make that very clear. I said, ‘I am not African American,' I never expected my personal beliefs and comments to spark such emotion in people. I think it is only positive when we can openly discuss race and being labeled in America."

Still, many people were confused and unhappy about the interview and have continued to say mean and hurtful things about her.

Hopefully her Facebook message will help get rid of some of her mean critics, but most of them will probably continue to harass her until everything blows over.

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