Rat Birthday Cakes Gives Family A Big Surprise


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While a family was celebrating their Uncle Joe’s 96th birthday, they all got more of a surprise than they had bargained for. In honor of the special occasion, the family had ordered Uncle Joe his favorite birthday cake, German Apple cake from King Kullen supermarket in Commack, New York. Uncle Joe was about to enjoy a piece of the cake, when he realized something was wrong.

After taking the first bite of cake, he realized it didn't taste right. Another family member got sick after eating some of the cake and the family decided to take a closer look inside it to determine the problem. Upon examining the cake, family member Neil Gold noticed that it appeared to be black. The family removed the icing from the cake and found part of a rat inside it.

According to Gold, there was a rat tail and part of its head and body baked inside the cake. The family was disgusted at the discovery.

"All of a sudden my girlfriend’s uncle got sick, had real stomach problems and thought it was the cake. And I cut a piece into the cake and I noticed something black. Looked like mold at the bottom. And we flipped it over and it evidently seems to be a tail of a rat and part of its body in the cake,” said Gold.

An attorney has accused the King Kullen store where the cake was purchased of being negligent and has contacted the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets to begin an investigation.

The store released a statement about the incident saying, “ The product has been removed from the bakery and the premises have undergone a thorough inspection. There are no known safety or rodent issues in this bakery department and it is in good standing with all Department of Agriculture inspections.”

The family is curious as to how the rat got into the cake. How do you think it happened?

Image via YouTube