Randy Quaid And Wife Detained In Canada


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Randy Quaid and wife Evi were reportedly arrested by Canada Border Services on Tuesday and expect to soon be deported from the country.

The arrest apparently occurred on the couple's 26th anniversary, as mentioned in this video from Evi Quaid's YouTube channel, which was recorded right before the arrest, according to the video description.

Another video addressed to President Obama, John Kerry, and Santa Barbara also appeared on the channel:

Evi's Twitter account remained active following the arrest:

Randy Quaid spoke with the AP on the phone from a detention center in Laval, Quebec. He reportedly said the country won't allow him to remain.

Reuters reports:

Quaid has been seeking permanent residency in Canada and has been living with his wife Evi, a dual Canadian-U.S. citizen, in Montreal for three years. He said a Canada Border Services Agency officer arrested him when he checked in with the agency on Tuesday morning. Quaid said he has been checking in every two weeks since May as part of the conditions set when his application for permanent residency was rejected.

This all follows legal troubles the Quaids were in back in 2010 when they were arrested in California for trepassing-related charges though the building they were in was a guest house of a home he two had once resided in. They managed to go to Canada before being charged, while an active extradition order for felony vandalism reportedly remains in Santa Barbara.

Randy had reportedly sought asylum in Canada, claiming "Hollywood star-whackers" were out to get him.