Randy Orton Refuses Vince McMahon's Request


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Vince McMahon is searching. He's wondering where all the star power went from the WWE? There is currently no Hulk Hogan, no Rock, no Chris Jericho (although he does still makes appearances). The latest rumor is that SmackDown officials asked Randy Orton to work full time, but he refused.

It seems that Randy Orton is unhappy with McMahon and his current role with the WWE. He is allegedly asking for more time off from the ring, while McMahon wants him to give more time.

One of the reasons for Orton's unhappiness is most likely tied to the fact that instead of fighting a championship bout, he was forced to fight the loser of the Dean Ambrose versus John Cena match.

However, McMahon knows that Orton is currently one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling. He also knows that the WWE is not the brand that it used to be. Top athletes are not lining up at the pace they were a decade ago for a chance at WWE stardom. Perhaps the threat of serious injury is keeping people away?

Additionally, concussions and head injuries are being thrust into the spotlight now more than ever. Doctors have been able to link concussions with dementia, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. Former WWE wrestler Sean O'Haire committed suicide just this past September. In fact, there are over 20 reported former professional wrestlers that have taken their own life.

Whether or not that has anything to do with the current lack of star power in the WWE is not certain, however, it could very possibly be a factor. Either way, McMahon clearly thinks that Orton has the popularity to draw in WWE fans.

The wrestler has recently become all the rage on Twitter as well. Orton is currently part of the latest hilarious internet sensation. His signature wrestling move, the RKO, is inserted into RKO Vine clips of people "eating it."

What do you think of the Orton versus McMahon feud?