Rand Paul Spent $100,000 to Gain Control of RandPaul.com

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Before Rand Paul first announced that he was seeking the Republican nomination for President, his official campaign site was RandPaul2016.com. RandPaul.com was a barebones supporter site.

Rand Paul's campaign team has since acquired the RandPaul.com domain – and it apparently cost him over $100,000.

National Journal reports that federal campaign records show that on March 27, Paul's Senate reelection committee paid $100,980 to domain service Escrow.com. The Journal quotes a GOP strategist who says he's never heard of a campaign paying that much for a domain.

Some domain squatter just got a huge payday.

Paul was lucky that his main domain was originally run by supporters – even if he had to shell out $100K to claim it.

Some Republican hopefuls aren't so lucky.

Ted Cruz didn't lock up TedCruz.com, and here's what that looks like:

His official site is located over at TedCruz.org.

Former HP CEO and recent addition to the field Carly Fiorina didn't lock up CarlyFiorina.org, and this is what that looks like:

To any future Presidential candidates – grab any applicable domains you can think of. Otherwise, you'll either get trolled of be forced to dip into the coffers to remedy the situation. Either would be annoying, I'm sure.

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