Rally Squirrel Is the Hit of Baseball's Playoffs

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Believe it or not, Major League Baseball is actually working on bringing a close to their never-ending season, as we have finally entered the Playoff stage after enduring a 162-game regular season that started back in April. Before you know it, we'll actually be watching the World Series, which means no more baseball until the spring of 2012.

As is normally the case when professional sports enter their do-or-die moments, new stars are made as the rest of the country gets introduced to players the hardcore fans new about long ago. Last year's darling, Brian Wilson, can tell you all about the crossover appeal meaningful baseball brings. Keeping the tradition alive and well, there is a new star of this year's meaningful baseball season, however, this time, the star is of the four legged variety and doesn't bat or pitch for any of the teams alive in the playoffs.

Nevertheless, a new star has been born, courtesy of the St. Louis/Busch Stadium squirrel. The squirrel appeared during the fourth game of the St Louis Cardinals/Philadelphia Phillies series, and has since become a hit with fans and Internet users alike. Before that, however, there's video of the squirrel in action, an appearance that catapulted it into stardom:

From that, the legend grew. So much so, in fact, the Phillies manager, Charlie Manuel, offered his suggestion on how to deal with the rodent during the post-game press conference:

Of course, as is the normal course of events when something becomes popular, the Busch Squirrel has its own Twitter account. It even had a reply for Manuel's gun talk:

Charlie Manuel is too old to shoot me or have a gun. #toofast 14 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Over at Yahoo Sports, there's an entire article dedicated to rodent's appearance, and it's chock full of gems like the following:

TBS cameras caught the squirrel’s ascent through the stands, from the field to Section 156, Row 20, Seat 1. There, a woman named Barbara Vuch met the most famous mammal in St. Louis – for a moment, at least, until its flight overwhelmed its fight.

“We saw it out there and were like, ‘That’s awesome,’ ” she said. “When it ran across my feet, it was not quite as awesome.”

Actually, it was still pretty awesome. Home-plate umpire Angel Hernandez warned Cardinals starter Edwin Jackson not to throw a pitch if he saw the squirrel again.

As for the Busch Squirrel's newfound popularity, its Twitter page has almost 10,000 followers and quite a few sports entities, aside from the two we linked, are talking about it.

For those that are wondering how will the squirrel make it up to Philadelphia to support the Cardinals in the series-deciding Game 5, our hero is already working on it:

I think I might make it to Philly. Hitchin a ride with @TortyCraig. Am going to stay out of sight, for my own safety #happyflight #believe 14 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

For those who aren't sure, Torty Craig is a pet turtle owned by one of the Cardinals players. Don't be surprised if, while traveling from Missouri to Pennsylvania, you see a squirrel riding on top of a turtle. If you do, you might want to play the role of good Samaritan and give them a ride.

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