Rage Faces In Real Life

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If you're any kind of experienced Internet user, you're probably awfully familiar with the rage face memes that permeate across a large number of platforms. While Reddit deserves a large amount of the credit for the growing the popularity surrounding these images, they've grown beyond just the fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu subreddit.

These faces have pretty much crossed over the mainstream; at least in relation to the Internet mainstream. While your local news may be confused by them; hell, maybe even the national media, too; if you're any kind of regular Internet user, there's little doubt you've come across some kind of rage face, be it accidentally or from a shared link on your social media platform of choice. Much like the "I Can Haz" group, the rage face community has created a "build your own" rage face maker, which only further indicates their popularity.

But what would these faces look like in real life? Considering that most were inspired by real life facial expressions--Bruce Lee, anyone?--we have something of an idea, but now, thanks to the folks at Pistol Shrimps, there's no mistaking what these kinds of rage faces would look like if you could pull them off in person:

Creepy or awesome? Or both?

As for the video's popularity, since being upload on February 25, the Rage Comics In Real Life has acquired over 2.2 million views, with almost 40,000 likes. If that doesn't clarify the popularity of this particular meme, I'm not sure anything will.

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