Racist Woman Poised for Viral Infamy After Insane, Almost Unbelievable Rant

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I'd like to start this off by saying that this woman be crazy. This woman be so crazy she's almost a little too crazy. This woman be so crazy that it makes me question the authenticity of this video, simply based on the fact that even crazy people are rarely this crazy.

But if we take this video, uploaded Thursday, as genuine, we have quite the viral star on our hands! Congrats lady – like this racist stripper before you, you're now a candidate for the racists caught on camera hall of fame. Take a bow.

It appears that the crazy person was involved in a minor accident with our cameraman. This did not make her happy, and his appearance seems to tip her over the edge. Here is a sample of some of the crazy exhibited by our soon-to-be viral star.

"F*ck you, if I had a gun I would shoot you dead."

"I'm gonna goddamn kill your kids and your mother."

"You f*ckin Muslim."

"You blow up school bus children, you goddamn son of a n*gger-lovin atheist bitch."

That last one was a doozy, huh?

Here's the thing. The video, which has amassed nearly 350,000 views, was uploaded to a comedy channel and let's be honest, seems almost unbelievable. It's probably real, because people are insane – but I'm going to hope, for the sake of humanity, that this is some sort of bit.

Image via YouTube screenshot

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