Rachel McAdams Shines In Dingy New "True Detective" Character

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Rachel McAdams' character on the new season of True Detective is the complete opposite of her usual sweet, girl-next-door variety.

Rachel McAdams plays Ani Bezzerides, a sheriff who has seen much in her years on the force in Los Angeles and has her own baggage to deal with.

For one thing, Rachel McAdams' character has a brilliantly disturbing backstory. It seems she was raised in a religious cult and now deals with the pain left behind from her mother's suicide and her father's hands-off approach to their relationship.

In this case, Rachel McAdams deals with it by bottling her emotions and having meaningless hook-ups with a faceless man named Steve.

Tom Gliatto of People summed it up well when he said, "Of this excellent cast, [Rachel] McAdams fares best by emoting least – as a noir detective should – and letting a stylishly asymmetric haircut signal that she considers herself damaged goods and has gone ahead and put up her own barbed-wire fence."

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Rachel McAdams' character is so intense! it seems like it would be exhausting to play Ani Bezzerides.

However, Rachel McAdams recently said that when filming was over, she would miss her character.

She said, “I had a great time shooting it. She was a really fun character to play. It was hard to say goodbye — it was the longest I spent with a character, about six months, since I did theater. I’ll miss playing her.”

Rachel McAdams added of the show, “There is a lot of plot development, and different webs to follow. I hope people like it, I loved doing it.”

People do seem to love Rachel McAdams on True Detective! Have you seen her as Ani Bezzerides? What did you think?

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