Rachel McAdams: Check Our Her "Notebook" Audition for TBT

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Rachel McAdams is not just an amazing actress, she's a beautiful woman, too. Probably her most memorable role to date is the one she played opposite Ryan Gosling all those years ago, when she starred as Allie Hamilton in The Notebook.

In honor of TBT (Throwback Thursday), fans can check out Rachel McAdams' audition for that very role. It will definitely have you digging through your old DVDs to find that dusty copy of The Notebook.

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling received much praise for the chemistry they shared on the big screen in the respective roles. Of course it couldn't have been all that difficult to pretend to be in love with Ryan Gosling--right?

In The Notebook, Rachel McAdams' character was a wealthy southern girl whose affair with Gosling's character--that of a poor laborer--was forbidden. The two actually became romantically involved themselves a year after the film, but things didn't work out for them.

Setting TBT aside, Rachel McAdams is still wowing fans on the big screen. She just learned that her most recent film, Spotlight, earned three Golden Globe nominations. The film hit theaters in November.

Were you a huge fan of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in The Notebook? If so, you've no doubt enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. If you're not--or if you're not familiar with Rachel McAdams' work--check out Spotlight. You just might have a new favorite actress on your hands.

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