Rachel Canning: Judge Rules In Favor Of NJ Parents Sued By 18-Year-Old Daughter

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New Jersey teenager Rachel Canning failed to get the justice system to order her parents to give her financial assistance. The 18-year-old high school honor student previously sued her parents for allegedly “abandoning” her and kicking her out of their Lincoln Park residence. Canning also claimed to have been verbally abused by her parents for not following house rules.

A dangerous precedent

On Tuesday, Family Court Judge Peter Bogaard’s ruling stated that Canning’s parents are not required to shoulder their daughter’s high school tuition, a request for a $600 monthly financial support, and her legal fees. Bogaard also delayed a ruling on Rachel’s college tuition lawsuit, remarking that it might be dangerous to set a precedent that makes parents apprehensive about establishing house rules.

The Canning family was present during the hearing held at a family courthouse in Morristown, New Jersey on Tuesday. Rachel sat with the Inglesinos, her best friend’s family, with whom she has been staying since November. Her best friend’s father John Inglesino, who happens to be a lawyer, is funding Canning’s lawsuit.

She said, they said

Rachel’s father Sean Canning insists that they did not kick their daughter out of the house, and that she left on her own volition because of her refusal to follow their house rules. The parents’ lawyer Laurie Rush-Masuret released a statement before the hearing saying that the Cannings have asked their daughter to come home and settle things amongst themselves instead of fighting in court.

Rush-Masuret also labeled Rachel’s claims as “outrageous” and said that she practically “emancipated herself” from her parents’ guidance and control when she left their home. Since she is 18, Rachel has also effectively released herself from her parents’ support in the process. Even though emancipation does not have a set age in New Jersey, parents can terminate financial support if they are no longer able to make decisions for their child.

The Cannings are scheduled to meet again in court on Tuesday, April 22.

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