R. Kelly Debuts Naughty, New Song, "Cookie"

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R. Kelly is no stranger to explicitly sharing his life and sexual desires. On his latest album, " Black Panties" (Nov. 11) the singer takes to a new risque topic.

In his new sing, "Cookie," the rapper sings about his oral desire to please a woman down below, like it's an oreo. Yes. He did go there.

Check out the rapper's Soundcloud here.

"Like an Oreo/ I love to lick the middle like an Oreo/Turn up/ Oreo, Oreo, like an Oreo/ I want to bite it and get inside it till I get you gone," R.Kelly sings on "Cookie" and believe it or not-that's not even the explicit part.

"Cookie," follows up another NSFW "Black Panties" single, "Genius." Throughout the song, 46-year-old Kelly sings of his talent in the sheets.

Apparently, the album title, "Black Panties" came to be after a woman in his sold-out audience threw her panties at him and landed on his arm during his performance of, "Strip For You."

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