R. B. Greaves Dies at 68, "Take a Letter Maria" Singer


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If you are a fan of classic soul music, I am sure you have heard of the song "Take a Letter Maria," sung by the artist R.B. Greaves. Unfortunately, this talented artist passed away this past Thursday (September 27th, 2012).

R.B. Greaves (Ronald Bertram Aloysius Greaves III) was born in Georgetown, Guyana on an American Air Force base, and at the age of 20, moved to London, England. While in England, Greaves started up his musical career under the name of Sonny Childe and later joined the group "The TNTs."

In 1969, Greaves released the single "Take a Letter Maria" (under his name). The song became a hit and reached the #2 position on America's Billboard charts.

After Greaves' success with "Take a Letter Maria," Greaves began to cover many other songs as singles, such as: "Always Something There to Remind Me" and "Whiter Shade of Pale".

R.B. Greaves died at the age of 68 on September 27th, 2012. The cause of his death is unknown at this time. Various fans of Greaves have been leaving their respects for this soulful singer on Twitter: