Quality Of The iPhone 4.0 Screen

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Yeah, people are arguing about whether it really is a “retina display.” IE, can your eye see individual pixels on the new iPhone’s screen?

I say hell with that. The screen is the best one I’ve seen — by far.

iPhone 4.0

How good is it? Well, click on the photo above and you’ll be taken to the full resolution photo straight off of my Canon 5D MK II’s sensor of the 960×640 screen on the iPhone (you will have to scroll around a bit to get to the right part of the screen).

Now THAT is sharp!

Oh, and if you still can’t get enough, here’s a video (make sure you click “watch in HD” and open it in full screen mode to get the full effect:

UPDATE: Just for comparison sake, here’s the iPhone 3GS’ screen with the New York Times on it so you can see the difference. It’s not even close! On the 3GS you can’t read any of the text without zooming in, while on the iPhone 4 you can clearly read the text.

New York Times on iPhone 3GS


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