Pumpktris Is The Best Pumpkin Carving You'll See This Year


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Halloween is amazing for a number of reasons. One of which is the staggering amount of quality pumpkin carvings that grace the Internet every year. There's always the intricately detailed carvings that depict famous characters from movies or video games, but the best carving you'll see this year is an actual video game.

Nathan Pryor has created a fully working version of Tetris inside of a pumpkin for Halloween this year. It's called Pumpktris and you play it by moving the stem like a joystick. The bricks are illuminated by LEDs inserted inside of the pumpkin. It may not really count as a "carving," but I still think it counts for just how amazing it is.

Pumpktris is already cool enough, but Pryor saw fit to actually show everybody how he did it. The hardest part seems to have been the actual carving of the pumpkin. It looks simple, but Pryor had to be incredibly precise with his carvings so that everything would show up properly.

Now that Pumpktris is a thing, I fully expect other classic games to be recreated on gourds. Super Zuchini Bros. sounds like a good start. That may be a bit hard to create with an 8x8 LED grid though.

[h/t: Geekologie]