PS4 Tops Xbox One in Shopping Survey


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Since before this year's E3, the biggest story in gaming has been Microsoft's blunders in promoting its Xbox One console. Though the company eventually reversed course on its planned DRM and no used game policies, it has been battling a negative perception of the console since that time. Sony, in the meantime, has been sitting back and stoking gamer nostalgia in anticipation for the release of the PlayStation 4.

Such stories might seem to be only the sort of info that dedicated gamers will care about, but it now appears that the zeitgeist has hit more mainstream gamers. A new survey from marketing analyst firm Compete shows that even in the U.S. gamers are choosing the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox one by a significant margin.

The survey, which looked at the online shopping activity of Americans, shows that PS4 interest has topped Xbox One interest by a two to one margin since pre-orders for the consoles began. Three quarters of those surveyed have considered buying a PS4, while only 39% have shopped for an Xbox One. Even more damning for Microsoft is that 61% of those surveyed have only shopped for a PS4, while just 27% only considered the Xbox One.

The survey, predictably, found that shopping for both consoles has died down considerably since pre-orders were opened. With pre-orders for both consoles now locked up in the U.S., shopping for the devices was down 52% in September when compared to shopping in June. Marketing for both consoles will be heavy this holiday season, though each is expected to be hard to find until early next year.