PS Vita Firmware Update v1.8 To Add PS1 Support

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Maybe Sony is listening after all? After a very long time and a lot of griping by fans, Sony has finally announced an upcoming firmware update for the Playstation Vita that will allow it to play Playstation One games. This, mind you, should have been available since day one. The lack of the ability to play these game has certainly hurt the overall sales of the not too hot handheld.

That is the good news. The bad news is that the update won't simply enable all PSOne Classics. According to a Sony representative, support for PSOne games will be rolled out a few at a time following the new firmware. The good news in this is that at least if you have already bought a PS One game, like every Final Fantasy game, You do not have to buy them again.

Now that Sony has figured this out, maybe they start to work on other problems that the PS Vita users or potential users want. Like full PS3 manipulation?

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