Protip: Don't Stick An Eel In Your Anus, It Will Eat Your Colon

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One of the strangest fetishes on the planet involves putting live animals up the anus. It's also a dangerous one for both the human and the animal. Unfortunately, one man got the stupid idea in his head to try it out for himself with an eel.

A man in China's Guangdong province was hospitalized after he had shoved a 20-inch long eel up his ass. In his (admittedly poor) defense, he was drunk and watching bizarre porn at the time.

The eel, like most terrified animals, fought back after being inserted into the man's ass. Eels have sharp teeth and it immediately tore a hole in the man's colon causing internal bleeding. After that, it began to work its way through the body going after other internal organs. Here's how far it got:


Unlike other men who have died from performing this incredibly stupid stunt, the unnamed man sought medical attention immediately for the eel that was going to town on his internal organs. The doctors removed the eel with a medical probe, but the animal died as a result. The doctor who performed the surgery only had this to say:

“This was a particularly idiotic stunt and could have caused him a serious injury. Eels have small but very sharp teeth.”

I agree with the good doctor here. Eels are not sex toys. It's not advisable to ever have eels up inside you.

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